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Welcome to DEO Portal, Sahibganj, Jharkhand

Present Residential address of Officers and Staffs

List of Officers and Staffs

Sl.No. Name of Department/Office Download Link
1 District Administration  Dowloads
2 Police Administration, Sahibganj
3 District Auction Department  Dowloads
4 District Consumer Foram  Dowloads
5 District Establishment  Dowloads
6 District General Department  Dowloads
7 District Land Reforms  Dowloads
8 District Land Acqusition  Dowloads
9 District Legal Department  Dowloads
10 District Panchayat Department  Dowloads
11 District Public Information Department  Dowloads
12 District Revenue Department
13 District Social Security  Dowloads
14 District Supply Department  Dowloads
15 District Transport Office  Dowloads
16 District Treasury  Dowloads
17 superintendent Office (Adhikshak Karyalya)  Dowloads
18 District Najart Department  Dowloads
19 Sub Divisional Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
20 District Rural Development Agency, Sahibganj  Dowloads
21 District Information and Public Relation Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
22 District Industries Centre, Sahibganj  Dowloads
23 District Agriculture Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
24 Integreted Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Sahibganj  Dowloads
25 District Welfare Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
26 Pahariya Welfare Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
27 District Planning Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
28 Sub Divisional Office, Rajmahal  Dowloads
29 District Gopniay Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
30 Block Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
31 Block Office, Barhait  Dowloads
32 Block Office, Mandro  Dowloads
33 Block Office, Barharwa  Dowloads
34 Block Office, Pathna  Dowloads
35 Block Office, Rajmahal  Dowloads
36 Block Office, Udhwa  Dowloads
37 Block Office, Borio  Dowloads
38 Block Office, Taljhari  Dowloads
39 Circle Office, Barhait  Dowloads
40 Circle Office, Mandro  Dowloads
41 Circle Office, Taljhari  Dowloads
42 Circle Office, Borio  Dowloads
43 Circle Office, Pathna  Dowloads
44 Circle Office, Udhwa  Dowloads
45 Circle Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
46 Circle Office, Barharwa  Dowloads
47 Circle Office, Rajmahal  Dowloads
48 Child Development Project Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
49 Child Development Project Office, Barharwa  Dowloads
50 Child Development Project Office, Pathna  Dowloads
51 Child Development Project Office, Barhait  Dowloads
52 Child Development Project Office, Udhawa  Dowloads
53 Child Development Project Office, Rajmahal  Dowloads
54 Child Development Project Office, Borio  Dowloads
55 Child Development Project Office, Taljhari  Dowloads
56 Child Development Project Office, Mandro  Dowloads
57 Forest Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
58 Advance Planing Center, Rajmahal  Dowloads
59 Assistant Ragistrar Cooperative Socity, Sahibganj  Dowloads
60 Drinking_Water_and_Sanitation, Sahibganj  Dowloads
61 Ganga Pump Canal Division, Sahibganj  Dowloads
62 District Cooperative Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
63 National Rural Employement Programme, Sahibganj  Dowloads
64 Jail Suprintendent Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
65 District Suprintendent Education Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
66 District Record Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
67 District Dairy Development Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
68 District Election Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
69 District School Inspector Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
70 District Education Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
71 Labour Suprintendent Agriculture Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
72 Assistant Labour Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
73 District Mining Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
74 District Nilam Patra Section, Sahibganj  Dowloads
75 District Animal Husbandary Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
76 District Statistics Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
77 District Revenue Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
78 Building Construction Department, Sahibganj  Dowloads
79 District Registration Office, Rajmahal  Dowloads
80 GPF Office, Sahibganj  Dowloads
81 National Informatics Centre, Sahibganj  Dowloads
82 Irrigation Division, Sahibganj  Dowloads