Administrative Setup

The district of Sahibganj possesses two subdivision, viz., Sahibganj and Rajmahal and over 9 C.D. Blocks and only two statutory town and six census towns. The district is in Santhal Pargana division which is in turn, under Jharkhand state (which has five divisions, e.g. North Chotanagpur, South Chotanagpur, Santhal Pargana, Palamu and Kolhan and was came out from erstwhile Bihar state on 15th November,2000).

The district of Sahibganj consists of the following administrative and civic units:

Subdivision Community Development Block Town
1. Sahibganj
  1. Sahibganj
  2. Borio
  3. Mandro
  4. Barhait
  1. Sahibganj (N Parishad)
  2. Borio (CT)
  3. Barhait Santali (CT)
  4. Barhait Bazar (CT)
2. Rajmahal
  1. Rajmahal
  2. Barharwa
  3. Udhwa
  4. Taljhari
  5. Pathna
  1. Rajmahal (N Panchayat)
  2. Tinpahar (CT)
  3. Pathna (CT)
  4. Barharwa (N Panchayat)

The total number of villages in the district is 1813, of these 1349 are inhabited and 464 uninhabited.

The district administration is headed by the Deputy Commissioner. He belongs to I.A.S. cadre. He also acts as the Collector in case of Revenue matters, as District Development Commissioner in case of District Developmental works, as District Magistrate in case of maintenance of Law and Order and General Administration, as District Election Officer in case of conduct of Election. He is assisted by a lot of officers mostly belonging to officials of Jharkhand Public Service Commission. Police Administration is looked after by the superintendent of the police (S.P.). He is also assisted by no. of officers like Assistant Superintendents of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police, etc.