District Co-operative office

Co-operative department has helped in the development of agriculture, banking, credit, agro processing, storage, marketing, fishing & housing etc. It occupies a key position to promote and strengthen the marketing channels, storage facilities, distribution channels, value addition, market information and regular monitoring network system in far- flung areas of the State. It has also engaged in the economic activities like disbursement of credits, distribution of agriculture inputs (seeds, fertilizer & agro chemical) etc.

In Jharkhand, Co-operative movement aims at all round economic and social development of small and marginal farmers, artisans and other societies through its operations. For the upliftment of the people of this state in general and the tribal community in particular co-operatives have played a vital and significant role. Agriculture is the lifeline of the people living in this state. In this context the broad objective of the Co-operative department is to provide short and medium term production credit through a network of LAMPS and PACS through one State level- Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank Ltd. and one District level bank Dhanbad Central Co-Operative Banks. Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank Ltd.(JSCB) was established in 2002 vide it’s registration no-4/HQR Dated 18.12.2002 and Bihar State Co-operative Bank Ltd. transferred assets and liabilities of 5 of its branches in Jharkhand to Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank(JSCB) on 31.08.2012. Government of Jharkhand has taken decision to have two tier co-operative credit structures. Under this eight District Central Co-operative bank and their branches merged and become branches of Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank (JSCB) finally from 1 Apr 2017.JSCB is functioning with 105 branches under one management. All affiliated LAMPS/PACS are as service provider.


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