Annual/Progress Report

Annual/Progress Report
Title Date Download/Link
Uptodate Progress Report and Revenue Report for the Month November-2018 04/12/2018 Download(4 MB)
DEIAA-FINAL DSR PART 1 25/08/2018 Download(7 MB)
DEIAA-FINAL DSR PART 2 25/08/2018 Download(8 MB)
Rural Works Division C – Progress Reports 23/05/2018 Download(459 KB)
Rural Works Division A B-Progress Reports 23/05/2018 Download(458 KB)
Rural Development Special Division- Progress Reports 23/05/2018 Download(766 KB)
N.R.I.P – Progress Reports 23/05/2018 Download(3 MB)
Irrigation Circle- Progress Report 23/05/2018 Download(353 KB)
Drinking Water and Sanitation Department- Progress Reports 23/05/2018 Download(1 MB)
Building Division-Progress Report 23/05/2018 Download(613 KB)